Who We Are

Fiza is a former chartered accountant, business owner and entrepreneur. She became interested in well-being and energy work following a series of negative life events in 2006. As part of her personal recovery, Fiza began an accredited two-year energy healing course with the Satvik school, graduating in 2009. She has bolstered her training with courses in psychic development and massage (Thai foot, Indian head, facial meridian). Fiza has worked as an energy therapist for 10 years and successfully treated many clients in private practice. Since 2010, she began to develop her own unique blend of energy work, before going on to co-found Primal Energetics in 2018. Fiza also serves as a leading researcher for energy well-being therapy with a number of leading-edge global communities.

FIza Saeed | Primal Energetics


Mark is a former media professional, now psycho-spiritual writer who has been investigating the relationship between psyche and well-being through the study of dreams, fantasies, visions, art, and mental health for over five years. He has studied in several revered psychology institutes (C G Jung Institut, IGAP, CEPD, AJA, SAP). Mark has extensive knowledge on mythology, world religions, sociology, mysticism, and psychology. All useful sources for working with client’s inner life and psychic images. Mark is author of of the Primal Energetics Manual and three further works that focus on self-knowing and working with the psyche. Stillwater, Super-Dreams, and The Song of Prachi are all due for publication in late 2019.

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