Experiencing unusual compulsions, psychic powers, or strange happenings? You may be going through a Spiritual Life Crisis.

A key focus of Primal Energetics’ work is treating the spiritual dimension of our clients. We have a number of ways to treat what is broadly referred to as a “spiritual awakening.” Trust us, we have first-hand experience of how dramatic shifts in consciousness can bring about dangerous levels of discomfort and suffering, especially in those unaware of what they’re experiencing.

Since launching our pioneering energy-based therapy, we’ve been receiving more and more enquiries from people undergoing overwhelming Spiritual Awakenings and booking us in to clear negative body energies or work through meaningful life change.

It has become our task to offer friendly, informative Psycho-Spiritual Counselling to those who feel like they are undergoing a descent into the unknown. To help show that what may seem uncomfortable, is actually a profound ascent towards self-hood and higher being.

Here’s 10 signs to look out for that you may be experiencing or at risk of a Spiritual Life Crisis.

Unusual life patterns
You may experience regular synchronicities that leave you feeling in awe of life and that something bigger than yourself is influencing your relationship with the world. The concept of synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence that links two or more events without there being a causal link. For example, you may had had a dream that played out in real life. Or being regularly alerted to clock times or dates that regularly show sacred numbers, e.g. 11:11 or 8th of the 8th month in 2018.

Channeling downloads
One of the big goals of spiritually awakening humans is to expand our consciousness. Throughout the history of man, there has been evidence of new ideas or new thinking coming from out epiphany-style events. The Swiss-French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) claimed he ‘received’ most of his life’s major thinking from a bizarre download he had under a tree. “If ever I could have written a quarter of what I saw and felt under that tree, with what clarity would I have revealed all the abuses of our institutions, with what simplicity would I have demonstrated that man is naturally good and it is through these institutions alone that men become bad.” Rousseau wrote after the event.

Strange body sensations
We were told of the experience of a client who, in the early stages of a very intense Spiritual Awakening, experienced a phenomenon he called “Energy Tears”. He would weeping uncontrollably for long periods, sometimes up to ten times a day. The strange thing was he was always completely calm and “without a negative thought in his head.” He described the event as like “carrying someone else’s woe.” Another common ailment is Energy Surges. These are felt like upgrades of the body-energy systems. Common signs of surges include feeling nauseous, headaches, tingling body parts, feeling faint, and sore gums and teeth.

Suffering ‘the Fall
Often in life it’s not until we experience an ordeal so terrible, do we look to approach the reasons for our suffering. Such a life descent – though very painful to endure – should be seen as restorative of balance or towards the process of soul-making. At Primal Energetics we deem the Fall as a Righteous Event. Seen in its rightful context, it is an extreme measure to surrender a dominant ego-state to a counter-balancing, compensatory force. The ego is made to suffer a form of ‘death’ to its rule over the mind. With the right guidance, the Fall carries the possibility for changes to attitude and expansion of your consciousness.

Let Primal Energetics ease your Spiritual Crisis

Primal Energetics work with helping your develop the undiscovered self.

Curious compulsions
We’ve heard plenty of anecdotes from clients who found themselves behaving oddly but with a new passionate conviction. This may be feelings of being steered to practice spiritual or religious rituals reconnecting them with their origin religion or a new way of believing; abrupt career change; a move away from materialism; a ‘knowing’ of corruption in the established worldview; a drastic change of health habits and diet; and a ‘calling’ towards Nature. These compulsions tend to differ from normal life decisions as they feel over-powering, intense and in conflict to one’s known personality.

Special gifts

During a life crisis, there are many recorded cases of people developing psychic powers just before, during or after. Such powers include foresight, clairvoyance, clairaudience, prophetic dreams, waking visions, intuitive wisdom, self-healing abilities, and feeling energy from within yourself and/or when around others. It is a yet unproven whether these qualities belong to every human being as unrealised potential, or if they are the ‘gifts’ given to a few. What is known and experienced is that they can lead to disorientation, fear of insanity, disassociation, and personal crisis.

Existential crisis
Our worldview is the established belief system and perception of the world we live in and know. As we spiritually awaken, our worldview distorts and this can create intense self-doubt and fear as all that we know begins to crumble. We may begin to question the coercive power elites who we have happily and ignorantly served and obeyed since birth. We may discount organised religion as corrupt. We begin to view Capitalism as manufacturing a false reality, holding us back from our full potential and motivated by their own self-interest. This is a process what is known as lifting of the veil. It is a dangerous phase during Spiritual Awakening where there is risk of adopting extraordinary beliefs more connected with poor mental health than sober illumination.

Loss of self
An experience of life-altering events or something more catastrophic like a Fall, can create a trauma response where you may have felt like an essential part of yourself has retreated into a spiritual world. There is little refuge in the reality of people and things. The spiritual world holds both light and darkness however and there is a constant need to adapt and find mental strength to experience the torment and bliss of a Spiritual Awakening. Many risk descent into madness or illness.

Loss of relationships
One of the biggest life changes to endure during a spiritual awakening is feelings of loneliness. Finding those who relate to your new experiences can be a challenge and often there is suspicion or abandonment from friends and family who are not moving at the same vibration you now are. It is common to endure periods of depression and alienated awareness during this phase. It makes sense that the self-realisation process is an encounter with the one, so try and see this as normal.

Any of the above signs of Spiritual Life Crisis may be experienced in an intense cluster or gradually over many years.

If you feel you’ve suffered a Spiritual Life Crisis or events have left you feeling overwhelmed, disorientated and confused, why not take the opportunity to learn more about how you can live and flourish in spiritual growth with our support.

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