March 13, 2019 GRIEF

Are you suffering from grief?


Grief can affect people of all ages. Coping with the loss of someone you care for is one of life’s biggest challenges. Often, grief can feel overwhelming. You may experience all kinds of difficult and unexpected emotions, from shock or anger to disbelief, guilt, and deep sadness. The pain of grief can also affect your physical health, making it difficult to sleep, eat, or live life peacefully.

Conventional therapies, like talk therapy and counselling, focus on listening to the problem and offering coping strategies. At Primal Energetics, we take a different approach to helping people who have experienced loss.

Our pioneering psycho-energetic treatment goes beyond ‘talk’ therapy and active listening. We believe repeatedly reinforcing negative emotions reinforces imprints them on your energy systems. This can create blocks in your energy-flow and compound negative feelings, making to harder to lift the symptoms of grief. Instead, Primal Energetics to clear your grief stored in the energy systems.

Primal Energetics is a three stage system that works with your inner energy pattern and the relationship of the unconscious upon your everyday life. Our Stage One ‘Purification’ experience comprises four 90-minute sessions. Each one designed to treat unresolved grief and restore your natural energy balance.


The Primal Energetics approach


Primal Energetics offers you a pioneering approach to treating grief that quickly helps to lessen the pain of loss and find new meaning. We use a blend of energy treatment and psychological methods. All are 100% safe, natural, and healing for body, mind and soul. In just four 90 minute sessions with the Primal Energetics team, you’ll:

Feel deep relaxation during each 45 minute energy therapy


Experience fast-acting emotional and energetic uplift


See how your unconscious creates energy blocks that deepen grief


Get greater clarity and deeper insight on why grief is affecting you.


Signs of grief


Loss of appetite




Misusing drugs, alcohol or other substances

Difficulty concentrating

Loss of enthusiasm for life

Social withdrawal

Sleeping problems

Feelings of guilt


Physical aches and pains

Thoughts on suicide


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Latest research on grief


Around 10 to 20% of people experiencing grief have severe enough reactions to require treatment

A parent of children under 18 dies every 22 minutes in the UK

92% of young people in the UK will experience bereavement before the age of 16

5821 people died by suicide in the UK in 2017

41% of young offenders in the UK experienced bereavement as a child


How to manage grief


Everyone reacts differently to the loss of a loved one. Although grieving is a natural process, it can lead to profound feelings that are damaging to mental health and end up a traumatic experience. This is known as complex grief.

Many people suffering loss simply live through the stages of grief, from anger, denial, through to acceptance.

One of the biggest challenges when you are experiencing grief is finding the support when you need it. Unsure how severe your grief is? Visit your GP or get the help of a professional.


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