Primal Energetics launch their fast-response energy-based therapy for time-poor high-performers who want to be mind-rich.

Want to look after your physical and mental well-being while running a busy career or business?

Want to understand the complexity of your mind without the commitment other therapies demand?

Need to be in optimum health to succeed in a competitive and often hostile environment?

At Primal Energetics, clients with drive can enjoy the advantage of a fast, flexible, friendly approach to looking after your most valuable resource – your energy.

A new form of therapy
We’ve developed a brilliant treatment system that sets out to re-vision traditional ‘talk’ therapy. We offer a way for you to reap the benefits of knowing your self, without the long-term commitment and cost.

At Primal Energetics, we don’t need to know where you work or what your work-life problems are. Instead, by accessing the deepest layers of your unconscious like no other therapy can, we reach the root of what’s holding you back and help you overcome it.

The Primal Energetics Method is a ‘low focus on personal narrative’ and a ‘high focus on personal energy’ approach. This means we don’t spend time listening to the life-story your ego has created.

Instead, we access and analyse the story of your psyche. We view this ‘soul-story’ as an energy pattern to be restored to balance and re-wired to afford you greater life purpose, energetic output and creative vitality.


“Truly brilliant experience. Loved the process! Must have worked, I’m coming back for Stage 2. Really looking forward to it!”

Female entrepreneur, London


Inside the phenomena
Primal Energetics combines depth psychology and energy-based therapy. We have a unique three-stage system of self-care, self-development and self-realistion.

Our method – particularly stages 2 and 3 of our System – focuses on life purpose and reaching your full potential.


“Primal Energetics is an enormously powerful tool.”

Male business owner, London


By working with clients and treating their energy, we understand the pattern of their active unconscious life. At the end of each stage of the Primal Energetics Experience, you receive a comprehensive 25-page report of all our analysis.

Primal Energetics has helped transform the lives of all our clients.

Here are just some of the advantages our System may offer a high-profile individual or entrepreneur like yourself:

Try Primal Energetics today and see how energy equals well-being

Primal Energetics: a new approach to higher being

Works with your busy schedule
With five high-quality London venues to choose from, you can book 90 minute sessions morning, afternoon or evenings throughout the week. We are available at weekends too. To complete one stage of our system takes just four visits over an optimum time of 8 to 14 days. That’s less than two weeks to restore your life balance and experience self-growth.

Great value for money
No need for long-term relationship building and ‘slow cooking’ your psyche for what is often immeasurable results. Primal Energetics allow you to book intensive sessions that give rapid uplift, as well as long term psychological benefits. You also get to work with not one but two professionals, in what is a unique and highly stimulating treatment setting.

Proven highly effective
Client after client is leaving the Primal Energetics’ experience feeling mentally stronger, happier, and alleviated of negative body energy symptoms like anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, grief, life crisis. We don’t ever claim to be a cure, but we know we’re making massive impact on people’s life energy every day, as well as unleashing their full creative potential.

Tracks your uplift
During your time with us, we track your moods, well-being and general health. Every client receives a 25-page Report which details the effects of our psycho-energetic work. Your Client Report is a in-depth insight into the future potential of transformative energy-based therapy.

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