How Primal Energetics works

Today, many different types of energy-based therapies are available. It can be difficult to choose the one that will work best for you.

At Primal Energetics we’ve developed an energy therapy system that is fast-acting, highly effective and focused on self-development. Here are some of the advantages of our treatment:

We understand human energy because we’ve been working effectively with Energy Systems for over a decade.

We work psycho-energetically. This means a blend of two approaches: treating  conventional energy systems with our unique Energy-Based Therapy, plus analysing your personal energy pattern through Symbolic Analysis (the unique images expressed by your unconscious).

Your unconscious energy pattern (storehouse of all psychological imbalances) come to consciousness as psychic images and symbols. We analyse this content and from that analysis can gain deep psychological insight far quicker than ‘talk’ therapies


Our Energy Therapist is fully qualified, completing a two year energy therapy training course, accredited by BAHA (British Alliance of Healing Associations).

We treat many energy-centred problems – focusing on the twelve Energy Centres, the major organs, meridians, and the aura. Unlike many other energy therapists, we don’t focus on just one or two areas.

We work with 15 different healing energies. Some of them unique to Primal Energetics. All of them extremely powerful and restorative.

Over the years, we’ve developed a number of effective Energy Therapy techniques and processes that are now unique to Primal Energetics.

We’re constantly researching and developing new ways to work with human energy.

Working with energy
How can Energy Therapy help me

Discover the many benefits of Energy Therapy.

For centuries and across many civilizations, energy practitioners have worked with the body’s Energy Systems. These Systems include the aura, meridians, the major organs and the Energy Centres (also known as Chakras). These still form the basis of energy therapy today.

Different parts of your Energy Systems hold different functions. Specific organs hold emotions that have accumulated in your body. For example, grief is stored in the lungs, while the kidneys keep fear, anxiety and life paralysis. The meridians are the ‘energy pathways’ responsible for supplying your body with free-flowing, renewed life-energy. The Energy Centres direct your state of being and personal development.

An Energy Therapist focuses on reading your energy and identifies damage or blockages in the Energy Systems. These may have been caused by trauma, stress or other life events. The Therapist then works to restore those energy systems to healthy functioning by increasing the energy flow around the systems and repairing damaged areas.

Damage and blocks in the Energy Systems left untreated, cause psychological and physical problems that create further damage to the Energy Systems. The process is a repeating downward spiral. At Primal Energetics we have a special approach to treating energy problems.

Energy as measure of health
Try Primal Energetics today and see how energy equals well-being

Primal Energetics: a new approach to higher being and enhanced well-being for everyone.

The idea that energy as an un-seeable force can wreak havoc in the body and to our vitality is hard to believe for some people. In the East, however, the idea and the treatment of Energy Systems has been recognised for a long time. Thankfully, energy practices such as Yoga, meditation, reflexology, qigong, acupuncture, and Reiki are becoming more and more popular in the West; transforming the lives of millions and attuning us to the idea that ‘good energy equals good health’.

Western science is fast catching up with Eastern practice. In recent years, quantum physicists have proven atoms are made up of swirling vortexes of energy. Because our bodies are composed of atoms, it means that, essentially, we’re fundamentally energy too.

Scientists have also made significant developments in the study of Energy Therapy. Among them are Dr Ion Dimitresco and Julian Kenyon, who have designed technology that can photograph the energy field around the body and energy patterns inside the body. This photographic technique is called electronography.

The American Professor of Anatomy, Dr Harold Saxton Burr has also led post-war progress in this field. He invented scientific equipment that proved that the characteristics of the energy field influence the health of the body’s cells.

Other researchers have confirmed the connection between the energy system and health, including William A Tiller. He used Kirlian Photography to show that as a group of schizophrenic and alcoholic patients began to recover, there was a dramatic change in their energy fields.

The link between the body’s physical and emotional health and the energy field is explained further in Dr Richard Gerber’s work ‘Vibrational Medicine’. The book includes scientific investigations that confirm the positive effect energetic healers have on clients. This is echoed in a study conducted by Dr Bernard Grad, where it was found that energy healers were able to transfer positive energy to water molecules.

At Primal Energetics we’ve seen for ourselves the direct link that restoring your energy systems has on a person’s well-being. We’ve treated many clients who have experienced positive results after our Energy Therapy treatments. Most clients report feeling the energy actually moving in and around them, or seeing the energy as shapes, colours and fantasy images in their imagination.

Let Primal Energetics look after your Energy Systems. You’ll be rewarded by increased vitality, improved well-being, and a stronger sense of self.

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